It’s on the House!

by Lester Young

Have you ever really thought about grace? No, I’m not really referring to the “Thank You, Lord, for this piece of pie, Amen” grace. I’m talking about grace as in ‘graciousness;’ the kind of grace that God shines on His people with. The absolute kindness God showed to us – to every person – by sending Jesus to come get us.

What is grace? From its root, it simply means to be or show kindness, to be merciful, to bestow or give (as a gift), or to show favor to. Not too difficult to grasp, right? And, actually no more complicated than that…at least as far as God’s concerned. Now, take special note of that word ‘gift’ there, because you can’t separate its concept from grace, nor can you separate the concept of grace from a gift. As a matter of fact, whenever you find the word grace in the Bible (Old or New Testament), let that word gift also seep into and become a part of your mental picture for it.

During the Christmas season, for example, gift-giving is a major part of our celebration – and for very good reason. But, consider for a moment: what would you think about a gift you received, that when you opened the box you also found a bill for it – a bill that you had to pay? If you’re like me, you’d calmly reinstall the top back on the box, tell them “No, thank you,” and go fix yourself some Ramen noodles. If it’s ultimately got to come out of your own hide, then by definition it’s really not a gift, is it? When you give your children or other family members gifts, do you expect them to pay for them? Do they expect to have to? (If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions…well… don’t get any points.)

So, if you know how to give good gifts to your kids, it stands to reason that God does, too (Matthew 7:11). The grace of God gives. There are sooo many things He wants to give us – everything that He has, in fact (Romans 4:13; Hebrews 1:2; James 2:5). And the first thing He’s already given us – through Jesus – is forgiveness.

Forgiveness. When we come to God – heart in hand – and sincerely ask for it, His answer is always, “Certainly, My beloved child. I’ve been here waiting for you – and I’m going to treat you just like nothing ever happened” (Psalm 103:10; Jeremiah 31:34; Hebrews 8:12, 10:17). Sometimes we may still feel guilty for the things we’ve done, but those feelings are not from God. How could they be – He’s the One who’s proclaimed us ‘not guilty’ (Romans 8:33). He doesn’t even consider any of the things we’ve done in the past – whether it was yesterday or twenty years ago – because that’s how Love is (1 Corinthians 13:4-5). That’s what Grace does. It gives without price – because it’s on the House!


7 Comments to “It’s on the House!”

  1. Well said!!! Thank God for his grace and mercy!

  2. So true! You have put it in words that anyone who wants to can understand God’s grace. To the degree, that is, that any of us can actually understand it. How can we truly comprehend what His grace entails? We can only accept it and live by it. Praise the Lord for His grace!

    • Thanks very much for your comments, Diane…Yes, His grace is beyond human words. We must just accept its fullness by faith, which, oddly enough, is how we receive everything from Him. God bless you!

  3. Hi Lester,
    I have just taken the time to read your blog about grace and checked out your website. Let me say, that the comedy skit on your website is absoutely fantastic. I laughed because of the many nice memories I have of my own grandmothers. That was an excellent idea. Simply unique and excellent.

    I also read your blog on grace. Simply put, you have done a nice job of explaining God’s Grace to anyone who does not know what it is all about and is seeking God. Great job! My very first blog that I started writing is on the Christian journey. As a Christian, I see myself on a journey and so I concentrate on encouragement and building up people’s faith, especially after they have begun walking in God’s purpose for their lives. You may read some of my articles on By the way I started this blog as men and women were going to Iraq to fight to help others. A lot of these soldiers looked forward to my blog while they were in Iraq. So that is enough about me.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and I can only encourage you to keep it up.



    • Patricia,
      Thanks very much for your input on the site, and for your words of encouragement…and believe me, I’ve been encouraged. You’re absolutely right in that our life is a journey, and it doesn’t really get very far away from the starting blocks until we trust and yield to God’s will for our lives. In this pressure-packed time and existence, doing that first step really acts as the ‘pressure-relief valve’ that can keep us from exploding. I’m sure that as things progress on the blog and its Facebook page, I will link to some of your words of wisdom (if you don’t mind that). Again, many thanks and God richly bless you!!

      • Lester

        Thanks for the reply. I had not expected it so soon. Maybe we can link our websites to each other. Please check out my blogsite at http://www.patgarciaschaack .com and my website at and let me know if you think they are are suitable for linking. i would love to offer the people who read my fan pages your blog. It is something that we should think about for the future.

        Have a great day.

      • Patricia,
        That sounds like a plan…I’d be happy to link our sites together. I’ve looked at both your sites and am impressed with both, and I believe my readers will be, too. Will email you. Stay tuned, everybody…

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