Childlike Faith

by Lester Young

Hi, everyone!  Today’s post comes from my new book Kingdom Keys: A ‘How-to’ Guide for Flourishing in the Kingdom of God, which is available on Amazon.  It’s an excerpt from the chapter “Good Ground – Childlike Faith”:

When we’re born again, we’re recreated as spiritual babies.  Of course, we’re not meant to stay at that maturity level, but let’s just consider the condition for a moment.  How did you receive Jesus as your Savior?  First, you had to hear about Him at one time or another – you may not have acted on the seed sown in your heart at the time it was put there, but at some point you made the decision to turn to Jesus.  When you chose to receive God’s promise personally applied to yourself, the Word did its work and you were reborn spiritually.  You received the Kingdom and were placed in it right then and there (Colossians 1:13), though you probably weren’t aware of that fact at the time.  Nevertheless, it’s how you received that particular Kingdom promise, the greatest one – the Rebirth.  Did you worry around much about exactly ‘what’ happened to you, or ‘how?’  Chances are you didn’t.  The truth is that we basically didn’t know enough to be too concerned about ‘how;’ we were too busy just being glad it did.  Who really cared about the A-B-C’s of it?

Now, although we’re certainly supposed to feed on the Word of God and grow both as individual children of the Father and as members of the body of Christ, that ‘childlike’ attitude toward the promises of the Kingdom is crucial to our ready acceptance of them.  After all, the way we received our rebirth and salvation is exactly the same way we’ll receive every other promise from God.  We hear the Word and decide to believe it, we receive it personally applicable to ourselves, and then we act on it.  The problem we adults (according to the flesh) have is that we let negative thoughts, fears, anxieties and all kinds of other emotions, as well as the things we see and hear around us (our circumstances), chime in and peck away at the promise the Lord gave us until they’ve pushed it right out of our minds.  We give more attention and credence to the natural ‘facts’ of the situation and the negative words of others than to God our very own Father – and what He’s declared is typically in direct contrast to what the natural facts are screaming.  Of course, such an attitude just happens to be the exactopposite of the mindset of those little children Jesus took up in His arms and blessed (Mark 10:16).

Consider the words of the Apostle John in his first letter to the Church.  He identified ‘little children’ as the part of us that has intimately known the Father and received our sins forgiven for His Name’s sake (1 John 2:12-13); in other words, that mindset which receives unquestioningly what He said simply because of Who He is – the Father.  Look also at 1 John 4:4, where he again refers to us as ‘little children’ when declaring that we’ve overcome [the spirits of antichrist he’d just mentioned in verse 3 above it].  And why have ‘little children’ overcome?  Because “greater is He that’s in us than he that’s in [or of] the world” (verses 4 and 5).  That is, the little child esteems, accepts and believes his Father’s Word – about anything – much more readily and completely (1 John 5:9) than anything anyone else says, because He’s ‘Abba’ (Romans 8:15)…He’s Dad!  He’s the biggest, strongest, smartest, best-looking…He’s the superlative everything!  Do you remember ever telling some other snot-nosed little bag of…(well, never mind) back in the day, “My Dad’s better than your dad!”?  It’s the very type and attitude of childlike faith and adoration that allows us to overcome the whole world and all the problems it can throw at us (1 John 5:4).

We must never let go of that simple, innocent, pure, trusting and fully-believing mindset when receiving the things of God.  Yes, we must mature in spiritual matters and in all of God’s ways, but the quality of ‘childlike’ faith is something we are to never outgrow.  Jesus Himself has said we won’t be able to enter the Kingdom without it.  And, His word about the matter – and every other topic – should be good enough for us.

Kingdom Keys: A ‘How-to’ Guide for Flourishing in the Kingdom of God is full of insights the Lord has given me about how to walk in His Kingdom down here on earth.  You can purchase and download it immediately from Amazon, so you can start enjoying it today.  Thanks for reading, and I hope it greatly blesses you!

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4 Comments to “Childlike Faith”

  1. Great post, Lester, and very true. It is difficult for adults to operate in that child-like faith. We have managed to build up an immunity to it with our life’s experiences and somehow we don’t know how to get around it. Thankfully the Lord is in the equation and will help us in every area. He gives us the faith, teaches us how to walk in it, rewards us for it and helps us to share it with others. He is everything. Thanks for sharing the excerpt from your book.

    • Hi Diane,
      Yes, the Lord has given us everything we need. The only thing He hasn’t done (and will never do) is make the ‘decision to believe’ for us. And yet, He has given to each and every one of us ‘the measure of faith,’ so that we can believe, and therefore have no excuse lol. If we would only learn to get out of our own way (and His) by not making things so much more difficult than they really are. As always, Diane, thanks for your comments.

  2. Hi Lester,

    Great article and the nice thing is that childlike faith and maturity belong together and it doesn’t mean walking around like an idiot and it is definitely not acting prematurely. It is a processs and it runs throughout your journey on this earth. It is a dependence on something other than yourself, a knowing that there is a God that cares and that gives you the perseverance to walk your journey until it is over.


    • Hi Pat.
      Absolutely…the two are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they go hand in hand. The degree of our success in one is in direct proportion to our diligence in the other. As always, thanks for your response…God bless you 🙂

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