Rich? Yep!!

by Lester Young

What would you say if I told you that you, as a child of God in Christ Jesus, were already rich? Fine…I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.

Finished? Okay; now, as I was saying…I’ll prove my assertion to you by the Scriptures. You are rich! “Hey, I don’t feel rich, I don’t look rich, I don’t even smell rich.” Well then, jump for joy, because by saying that you’re just qualifying yourself and proving my point. You’re saying that by the world’s standards, you’re not anywhere close to rich, right? Okay, go with me to James 2:5, which tells us that the poor [according to the world’s measuring stick] have been chosen by God to be rich in faith and heirs of His Kingdom.

Do you grasp what the Lord’s saying to you? If you’re not exactly ‘well-to-do,’ God Himself has ordained that you have – not will have, but do have right now – rich, abundant faith! In case you’ve forgotten, faith is one of the three spiritual forces that abide and endure forever – along with hope (or, expectation) and love (1 Corinthians 13:13). These three have to be the most powerful forces in existence because, taken together, they’re how God operates – how He creates (Hebrews 11:1,3; Galatians 5:6). You have that faith so that you can grab hold of the image His Word builds on the inside of you, so you’ll believe it’s real – because if God said it, it is real.

Satan’s kept a lot of folks hamstrung for a very long time with another of his many lies (John 8:44), telling them that they don’t have very much faith, or that their faith just doesn’t work. If you’ve been finding yourself listening to that garbage, well, now you have a direct scriptural reason to stop it. Take a few moments to praise God, and then take that Word and begin to beat the devil viciously about the head and shoulders with it. Let him know that your faith does work, is working, and that you’ve been given an abundance of it by God Himself. Just like Jesus, declare to the devil, “It is written…!” (Matthew 4:4,7,10).

Learn to use the faith that God has decreed you do indeed have. All things were and are created through it, and it’s a precious, incorruptible substance that can never be taken away from you (Hebrews 10:34, 11:3). It was given to you for a reason – for you to live by! (Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17) So you could not only get your body healed and your bills paid, but so that you could also flourish in the earth as a light and a witness to those around you of God’s covenant of love and peace to His people (Deuteronomy 8:18). God needs you to prosper and be in health (3 John 2), not just for your own sake, but so that the world will see and marvel and glorify Him (Exodus 34:10; Micah 7:15; 2 Corinthians 9:8-13) – and then come to Him themselves.

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4 Comments to “Rich? Yep!!”

  1. We must be careful not to get caught up in the “prosperity” gospel, or in teaching that “God needs us to prosper and be in health.” God doesn’t need us to either prosper as the world understands prosperity or indeed to be healthy. In fact, in our worldly poverty and even ill health we are often brought closer to God and can better glorify him. See Job.
    If it is God’s wish for us personally, and we have made the right choices, we shall indeed be healthy, wealthy and wise.
    However, the most important thing is our acceptance of His Son Jesus Christ and the great gift of eternal life He has provided through His willingness to die for our sins and over come death through His resurrection.
    Kindest regards

    • Hello, Roy.
      I will very much get caught up in the ‘prosperity gospel,’ as well as every other good thing that God has promised to those who are faithful to Him. John, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, said, “I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers” (3 John 2). I do not fear having money, as though its possession will somehow diminish my spiritual life. The blessing of Abraham has been bestowed upon all those in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:14) – the blessing of Abraham, an Old-Testament figure. It’s described in Deuteronomy 28:1-14.

      Sickness, disease and poverty do not bring glory to God. As the Lord Jesus unequivocally stated, “Herein is My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit” (John 15:8). And, the very end of Job states that God gave him twice as much as he had before. God gave it to him. Why? Because he wouldn’t renounce God, regardless of what happened to him – his heart was true to his God. And, Abraham’s servant witnessed that God gave Abraham abundant riches (Genesis 24:35). If God didn’t want him to have them, or judged that it was wrong to have them, He would not have opposed Himself by giving them to him. And we know that God does not change, not one iota (Malachi 3:6) – man does, times do, but not God.

      God’s Covenant covers every area of our lives, and it does not begin when we die and go to Heaven. Those in Christ Jesus already have eternal life now, right here and right now. What is life, how is it distinguished? It’s marked by growth, spreading, becoming more and greater. That’s how Jesus described all of God’s Kingdom time and time again – always growing and expanding; i.e., prospering (Mark 4). The Hebrew word that we translate as ‘prosper’ means to ‘push forward.’

      There is nothing inherently wrong with money. Contrary to what people have often misquoted, it is not the root of all evil. As the Scripture correctly states, “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10); in other words, covetousness, which is warned against throughout the Old and New Testaments. So, DON’T covet money – don’t let it become your god. Proverbs 1:32 says, “…the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.” It doesn’t say don’t be prosperous, it says don’t be a fool with it.

      God’s Covenant – His Word to us – includes health and wealth for the WHOLE man, spirit, soul and body. If God didn’t want people healed and well, what was Jesus doing going all around healing sick folk (folk who were oppressed by diseases. Poverty, sickness, and all other things that keep one from being whole in any area, are from the pit of hell, not from God, and He sent Jesus to free all who have been oppressed by the devil [Luke 4:18-19; Acts 10:38]).

      But, just like every other thing we receive from God, we must use our faith to appropriate it.That’s why Jesus said, “According to YOUR faith, be it unto you” (Matthew 9:29). He also cautioned His followers, “Take heed what you hear; with what measure YOU measure it, it shall be measured to you, and to you that hear shall more be given” (Mark 4:24). We’re all free to believe what we choose; if one chooses not to believe for divine health or prosperity (or any other thing from God), then they really won’t have to concern themselves with it coming. I, however, will believe for every good thing that God promises in His Word, because He’s not a liar. If He has said that it’s mine, then no one will take it from me – because I trust in Him much more than anyone or anything else. I will humbly tell Him, “Thank You, Father, for ALL the blessings that are mine in Christ Jesus!”

      Thanks, Roy, for your input, and God bless you!


  2. Indeed we are rich, because all things are ours, for we are in Christ. We have the faith given by God to call the material to come into being, and beyond that, we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings, all spiritual riches in heavenly places. We have all and abound. Good word, Lester, and thanks for the reminder!

    • If any of us ever really fully realized how much we’ve already been given, we’d probably have to be carted off to the nearest emergency room for spraining every muscle in our body from all the cartwheels we’d be doing! As always, Dee…thanks for your kind words!


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