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June 30, 2012

Did Jesus Lose Weight when He Fasted?

by Lester Young

C’mon…I’m the only one that thinks about this stuff??  I know, I know; seems like we’re gone off into something stupid today, huh.  Well, just hear me out, because that question actually strikes at a much deeper issue.  It does, too!!  (Sorry…it’s just that I can hear you thinking.)

Think about Jesus out there in the wilderness those forty days and forty nights – but not Jesus the Son of God.  Let’s consider for a few minutes Jesus, the Son of Man.

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June 27, 2012

It’s a “Will” Thing

by Lester Young

“Thy will be done.” As part of the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:10), that’s probably one of the most recognized and well-known phrases in the Bible. It’s also one of – if not THE most – important confessions that we as Christians can utter; that is, if we’re at all concerned about our own continued personal well-being. The only reason anyone could possibly have for not agreeing with that statement is because they fear, don’t trust or don’t know God’s will for him- or herself individually. And, while such a sentiment might be quite understandable from a human standpoint, the fault, nevertheless, of that ignorance still rests squarely upon the person.

God’s basic will for all his children is clearly spelled out in the Scriptures. Completely contrary to the ‘poverty’ or

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June 25, 2012

Who’s in Charge Here?!

by Lester Young

Have you ever occasionally wondered about some of the questions Jesus went around asking folks?  Be honest, now.  If you’re like me, wouldn’t some of our Lord’s inquiries – if taken solely at face value – just kinda make you look at Him, raise your eyebrows and go, “…Seriously?”

Perfect example: the man who had been sick for a long time and was lying by the pool of Bethesda, along with a large crowd of other people with varying infirmities (John 5:2-9).  Now, this person had been afflicted (and, according to the Biblical text, not able to get around very well) for thirty-eight years.  I’m not sure you heard me…

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