A Shining Star!

by Lester Young

Do you stand out in a crowd? If you do, that’s fine; but be careful, because the next question is kinda loaded: Why do you stand out? If it has anything remotely to do with the notion that ‘It’s all about you!’ or ‘It’s your world!,’ then you don’t get any points for that answer (actually, you lose a few). Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with drawing the attention of others. The problem most often arises, however, in the identification of just who it is that’s blowing the proverbial horn. If the person ultimately getting looked at is the same one who’s generating the noise…again, points deducted.

Let’s take the Lord Jesus, for instance. Now there’s a Man who created a stir wherever He went. Well, that’s not fundamentally accurate. It’s much more on target to say that wherever He went, a stir was created. He didn’t intentionally do things to draw attention to Himself. He just administered the Kingdom of God to the poor, sick and afflicted around Him (Luke 11:20), and attention came to Him. He never tried to make His voice heard or cause a stir in the streets (Isaiah 42:1-3; Matthew 12:18-20); nevertheless, stirs followed Him around. As a matter of fact, on several occasions, for logistical reasons, He actually tried to keep His exact whereabouts unknown to the general public (Matthew 9:30-31; Mark 1:44-45). Jesus just let the Light that was in Him shine. In other words, people saw His good works and were automatically drawn to Him (Matthew 5:16).

That’s the very example that we, as children of God’s Light, are supposed to be following (Ephesians 5:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:5). The works that Jesus did we’re supposed to do, and even more (John 14:12). And, if we did, don’t you think there’d be a stir around us, too? I mean, let’s face it; if you walked into a church and busted up a perfectly good funeral by raising the dead person, there’s going to be a ruckus. And after everybody stops running, you’re going to get interviewed!

But that won’t be you blowing your own horn, it’ll be the light of your knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus (2 Corinthians 4:6), and that same Light will be manifesting itself upon and through you. The crowds will see the good works you do and glorify God your Father (Matthew 5:16). You won’t need to try to exalt yourself; the Lord will take care of that for you. He’ll lift you up (Psalm 3:3), and you won’t have to worry about that painful fall that inevitably comes after prideful self-advertisement (Proverbs 16:18; Matthew 23:12; 1 Peter 5:5-6).

The Light we’ve been given isn’t just for us to see by. It’s as much (or even more) for those around us, those who are hurting, afflicted and stuck in darkness (Matthew 5:13-15), and so it should always be on. As the ole song goes, “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!” Under those circumstances, it’s just fine to stand out in the crowd. You can be sure that somebody around needs you to.

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4 Comments to “A Shining Star!”

  1. I love this one the most by far! This is so on point, especially the part about God exalting you instead of you doing it yourself, this is actually similar to the reading for day 5 in the spiritual makeover book I’m reading!

  2. Light is very powerful, and the Light that is in us is the Light of the world! And we are commanded to let our light shine so that others will see our good works and glorify the Father. Thank you, Lester, for this fitting reminder. We are to let others see Jesus, the Light of the world, in us.

    • Light and dark are such encompassing examples that God has given us…it’s not only very clear, it’s very amazing when you stop and think about it. Thanks much for your input, Dee…


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