The Heart of the Matter

by Lester Young

“Life’s tough!”  Just about all the world’s heard that short little axiom, I’m sure.  And if you were to walk around town for a month saying to everybody you met, “Life’s tough, huh?,” it’s probably likely that ninety-nine out of every hundred of them would agree with you – wholeheartedly.  But, being by nature an ‘outside-the-box’ thinker, you know I just gotta ask, “Is it really?”  And, since this entire blog tends to go against the “normal” grain (certainly the world’s – and probably most Christians,’ too) …well, I might as well just keep on heading out.

If you’ve spent any time at all reading jtGn, you can probably guess the next thing I’ll say is, “Let’s see what God’s Word has to say about it.”  So, let’s see what God’s Word has to say about it.  I believe we can wrap the whole subject up at Matthew 11:28-30, where the Lord Jesus says, “Come to me, all you that labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart: and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

There you have it.  If Jesus said it, it must be true, right?  Of course, the next logical question that pops up will certainly be, “Then why are so many people (virtually the whole world!) having a ‘tough life’?  Well, remember that cute couple named Adam and Eve a few years back?  They kind of made a mistake, and here’s one result of it: “Cursed is the ground for your sake; in sorrow (that is, labor, toil, worrisomeness) shall you eat of it all the days of your life; It will produce thorns and thistles [for your efforts];… In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread, until you return to the ground;…” (Genesis 3:17-19)

So, there’s a curse of disobedience and death that’s running rampant in the earth right now.  All you have to do is look around to see it.  But the GOOD news is, if Jesus is your Lord and Savior, you’ve been redeemed from that curse – bought back from it; it’s authority and power to operate in your life has been completely revoked and cut off!  The Blessing of God that was initially on Adam and Eve, and reestablished upon Abraham, is now on you! (Genesis 1:28, 12:2; Galatians 3:13-14)

I can just hear you saying, “That’s great…but why, then, am I still experiencing some of this curse?”  Simply put, it’s mainly a matter of what it is you’re paying most of your attention to.  Are you focusing your waking life on your problems, or are you focusing on the heart of God?  The heart of God?  Yes, God’s heart.  You’re in God’s heart, just as He is in yours. (John 17:21-23)  Your Bible is a compilation of the thoughts of God’s heart written down so that you can know them.  You can know God’s thoughts, His desires, His will for you by taking your attention off of your world’s problems and putting it on God’s Word.  And Jesus, the Word of God incarnate (John 1:14; Revelation 19:13), expressed God’s perfect will for you and me in Matthew 11:28-30.

Spend some time in God’s Word – in the thoughts of His heart – and you’ll begin to sense His great desire of Blessing for you.  Stay there, be obedient to His leading, and He’ll bring you to exactly where He wants you to be.  And where’s that?  It’s BLESSED, of course, so that you can be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:2).  Hey, Psalm 112 describes it better than I can…go take a look!

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2 Comments to “The Heart of the Matter”

  1. Life is indeed tough, Lester, but the good news is that our Lord Jesus Christ has overcome the world. Thank you for the reminder that the battle is between the ears, and we’ve got to set our thinking straight, by staying, abiding in the Word.

    • Abiding in Him – abiding in Love, abiding in the Word – is indeed the definition of our success and deliverance in life. Thanks very much, Dee!


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