by Lester Young

Let’s talk for a moment about freedom. It’s a commodity so precious that words can hardly describe it. People who live in this world without it dream of and yearn for freedom; while those of us who have it – all too often – take it for granted, barely recognizing its presence and its glorious value.

What is freedom? Well, in its most basic and simplified form, it means to be unencumbered by anything that restrains or holds back – such as to be without restrictions, or without cost, or without limits. Hmm…if you think about it, that’s a pretty good description of the Kingdom of God, isn’t it?

Do you think God is containable? We’d probably all agree that He’s not. Revelation 19:6 declares quite plainly that “the Omnipotent Lord God reigns;” and I, for one, don’t see much need (or future) in trying to challenge that statement. And, if He can’t be contained, then neither can His Kingdom. Yet, that whole Realm has been placed inside us (Luke 17:21). God has freely given it to us (Isaiah 55:1-3; Matthew 16:19; Luke 12:32). (But that ‘freely’ doesn’t mean there was no cost involved; it just means that we didn’t have to pay it. Rest assured, the price paid was unimaginably steep.)

So, God and His Kingdom rule over all, including the things here on this earth (Psalm 103:19; Daniel 4:17, 25, 32, 5:21). How, then, is it possible that He could ever be limited? Well, Psalm 78:41 says that Israel turned back (or pulled away) from Him, thus limiting what He could do for them. Not surprisingly, it’s no different for you and I today. His presence and power in our lives is wholly dependent upon our faith in His presence and power in our lives, as Hebrews 10:38 states: “Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, My Soul shall have no pleasure in him.”

We can, therefore, limit God in our own lives. But, what’s available to us if we don’t limit Him? Just exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ever ask or even think of! (Ephesians 3:20) In other words, if you can think it, that’s just the beginning of what He can (and will) do (Romans 8:32; 1 Timothy 6:17). Sort of pushes the fence back a ways, don’t it?

If you’re a citizen of the Kingdom of God’s dear Son, you’re not limited to any boundaries this world can throw up at you for the simple fact that you have His Word – and God’s Word is not limited or encumbered in any way, shape or form! (2 Timothy 2:9)  You’re not tied or in bondage to the ways that this physical world functions (Galatians 4:3 calls them “the weak and beggarly elements of the world” – that is, the ‘natural’ order of things). The devil and his bunch are limited to this natural order. Think about it for a second; if he could tempt us with things that were above what’s common to the experience of man (1 Corinthians 10:13), don’t you think he would?

The devil is limited to the natural (though he certainly doesn’t want anyone to know that). We, however, are not! God’s grace working in our lives is more than sufficient to override any obstacle we may encounter (2 Corinthians 12:9). When you walk with Him and seek His agenda first and foremost for your life (Matthew 6:33), you gain access to His limitlessness. No one can stop you, because you’re with Him and He’s with you (Isaiah 45:1-2; Jeremiah 32:17; Mark 9:23, 10:27; Revelation 3:7-8). And if the Son makes you free, then you’re free indeed! (John 8:36)

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