Re-blog: “In the Waiting Room…”

by Lester Young

I found these words of wisdom in ‘Joseyphina’s World.’ They helped me tremendously…I think you’ll like them, too. Much thanks and appreciation to their author, Joseyphine Amoako.

Joseyphina's World

Whenever you send an injured loved one to the hospital and you are asked to wait outside the intensive care unit, it must be a very frustrating experience. Every silent second seems like a very long hour. Anxiety begins to rise with every pace you make in the waiting room. All kinds of thoughts begin to invade your mind when no one seems to open your mind to tell you what’s going on. Then you begin to wonder, what would happen if I just open the door and take a peek? I know I am not supposed to but nothing would happen if I do, right?

Hospitals are not the only places we are asked to wait outside. God makes us wait too.

Waiting is the simplest but yet the hardest order to follow.

Don’t do anything; just wait. But as human as we are, we don’t want to find…

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