Our Land is Blessed!

by Lester Young

Consider this country, the United States of America.  (For those of you who aren’t in the States, just bear with us for a few moments…or better yet, join in by considering your own home land; because every country is a wonderful one, and has the potential for great things.)  I love my country, and I trust you feel the same (regardless of where you live).   I may not particularly like every single thing that happens in it, but I love my country nonetheless.

Many people may look at this nation and come to the conclusion that it’s circling the bowl for the last time before going down the toidy.  Well, I’ll admit that in a number of ways it often seems like that.  Please note that word ‘seems,’ because it’s important.  ‘Looking as if’ and ‘seeming like’ are functions of judging things solely on outward appearances; and we, as Christians, are supposed to know better (2 Corinthians 10:7).

Take, for instance, the story of when Israel was under siege in the city of Samaria by a huge invading army (2 Kings 6 and 7).  Things got so bad that people were eating their own children – and, well, whatever else they could get their hands on (6:25, 29).  But, their deliverance came through a highly unlikely channel (at least, as far as anyone might assume by taking things at face value): a group of outcast lepers (7:3-11).

Then there’s the time when Jesus went off on that fig tree for not having any breakfast hanging on it for Him.  For at least twelve hours, the tree continued to look absolutely normal, as if nothing at all had happened to it – like nothing was going on, just business as usual.  But, come the next morning, physical appearances had caught up with spiritual truth, and they saw that it was all messed up (Mark 11:12-14, 19-20).

And, what about Jesus Himself?  To everyone who witnessed it, His death on the cross seemed as if He had not only been beaten, but that His entire ‘message’ had been utterly destroyed. But, we know now that nothing could have been further from the truth; because, as it turned out, He wasn’t the one humiliated by a crushing annihilation (Ephesians 4:8-10; Colossians 2:15).

This nation, which has at its heart a Constitution that’s founded upon the Word of God, will not fall – because God’s Word can never fail or be overthrown (Isaiah 55:11).  No one’s going to change it, because no one can.  They may try to change or challenge it (as has been done numerous times in the past), and it might even look for a while as if they’re going to succeed.  But they won’t, because they don’t have that kind of power.  Remember, “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD” (Proverbs 21:30, NIV).

Listen, everything is going to turn out just like the Book says (Romans 3:4; Revelation 19:11-13).  This nation has always had God’s hand upon it, because it came into being with His principles in mind.  It was created to be a haven where the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be preached and lived freely.  Its message has been that of an open door where people could come and pursue their dream of a better life – and that invitation was meant for everyone, including Jewish folks, the offspring of Abraham.  (Even when ‘official’ relations have seemed strained, this country has always maintained a position of friendship and blessing toward Israel.  And, please take note, Washington, that’s very important! [Genesis 12:3])

Because of these facts, the United States of America is blessed.  Now certainly, sin, unrighteousness and not listening to God will take a toll, and judgment will eventually be meted out.  Nevertheless, when all’s said and done, I believe wholeheartedly that our land not only will be healed and saved alive, but that it is right now healed and saved (because I don’t look solely upon the outward appearance of things – there’s more going on than just that)!  This nation is blessed, period.  And, as long as we His people continue to humble ourselves, pray and obey Him (2 Chronicles 7:14), there’s nothing anyone can do to change that truth.

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5 Responses to “Our Land is Blessed!”

  1. You have a point, Lester, I can see that America is truly blessed, there is no other nation like it. I am just saddened at how more and more this country is turning away from God. I do know that there will be a remnant that remains of God’s people, whom God will prepare a highway (Isaiah 11:16)

    • Don’t be disheartened, Dee…that’s precisely what the enemy wants. Don’t focus on what you see around you with your natural eyes. You, me, and a lot of other Christians pray for this country, and we have a blood-ratified promise from God Almighty that He will heal our land. Focus your attention and stand on that promise, not on natural happenings. God’s Word is far stronger than anything else. He said He will save our land…stand on that, speak it out, and give Him thanks for it now, just like it’s already happened – and we will see the glory of the Lord! Love you, Dee!


  2. I appreciate this word – and your ability to encourage. I often feel I’m outside the Christian realm but I am a Christian and believe with all my heart the promise you speak of for your nation. I worry sometime of my own devotion to our home here, for our home is heaven as Paul describes…and yet…and yet…I feel upon Christ’s return, His glorious light will shine here too. Thank you again.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I appreciate your appreciation 🙂 As long as God said it, we can believe it and act on it…that’s really all ‘faith’ is. I wouldn’t worry about your devotion (or lack thereof), because we’re admonished to set our real affection on things above, and to seek ‘first’ God’s Kingdom. And yet, because our heavenly Father knows we’ve got to live down here too, He gave us promises that apply here in this life, as well as promises that will only be fulfilled completely in the heavenly New Jerusalem. Our eternal inheritance doesn’t begin after we die, it begins when we receive the salvation that Jesus provides. Thanks very much for stopping by, Sandra…



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