Special ‘Delivery’

by Lester Young

So, here’s some Good News: You’re delivered!!! Oh, really?! And, just what, pray tell, am I delivered from? Allow me to answer that question by asking another: What do you need deliverance from? In other words, whatever you need, you’ve been delivered from it. Everything!

Now, I want you to take particular notice of something I said and something I didn’t say, because the contrast important. If you’ve spent any time in church you’ve probably heard that deliverance is available through Jesus Christ; and, praise His name, that’s certainly the truth. It’s real, it’s precious, it’s an amazing blessing…and, if you read carefully, you saw that it’s not what I said.

You see, ‘availability’ denotes something which might be close by and/or obtainable, but not necessarily in one’s current possession. If you’re in Christ Jesus, my message to you today is not that deliverance is available through Him, but that you’ve already been delivered. You already have it!

There’s a difference.

Well, it sure doesn’t look or feel like I’m delivered from [living paycheck-to-paycheck, sickness, drugs, smoking, drinking, lying, stealing, pornography, dog-kicking, cat-smuggling, mouseketeering – whatever you want to put there is up to you]! Judging by appearances, are we? Therein lies the problem – and, as it turns out, it happens to be a major one (2 Corinthians 10:7).

I’ll show you what I mean: Consider a destitute, homeless person. He lives under a bridge – uses a cardboard box to keep the wind away as best he can. He forages through the garbage of others to try to salvage some of the things he needs to survive, including a few mouthfuls of food… and no one seems to care. No one wants him or anything to do with him.

Or so he thinks. Actually, he’s been ‘wanted’ for the last five years, ever since his long-lost twice-removed uncle died, leaving his entire estate – a $100,000,000 estate(!) – to him. So, then, here’s a question to ponder: Is this homeless man actually poor, or is he rich?

I suppose the answer to that question pretty much depends on who you ask. But, the only two opinions that actually matter – that carry any real weight – are those of “the Law” and of the man himself. If you approached him and asked (without supplying any other information), “Excuse me, Sir; are you poor?” – well, after performing a patented Three-Stooges ‘boinking’ to both your eyeballs, he’d probably walk away in extreme indignation. But, if you asked the executor of the estate what he thought about it, his response would probably be something closer to, “Yeah, that guy’s stinking, alright – stinkin’ rich! By law, it’s already his.”

The difference – the only difference – between these two points of view? Knowledge.

Well, of course it’s ‘knowledge.’ If the man doesn’t know what he has, how can he ever do anything about it?!” Point taken. Nevertheless, just because the man doesn’t know about what he owns, it doesn’t negate the fact that he owns it. The question itself points this out: “…he doesn’t know what he has!” It’s all his. It’s been his ever since somebody died and left it to him. All he needed to do was (drum roll)… find out about it, and then claim it!

You’re healed already (1 Peter 2:24). You’re rich already (1 Timothy 6:17; Revelation 2:9). You’re delivered already (Luke 4:18). You’re free already (2 Corinthians 3:17). You’re whole, with nothing missing and nothing broken – already! (2 Corinthians 6:2) Everything that has anything to do with your life has already been given to you in the inheritance left for us by the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:3). So, find out about what’s included, and start claiming it by faith.

Don’t worry; it’s yours. Jesus is not only the Testator, He’s the Executor of the Estate – and He’s faithful to you as an heir of God and joint-heir with Him of the whole world (Romans 4:13, 8:17; Hebrews 3:1, 6; 9:16). You are already delivered! So, stop judging by what you see or feel and start judging your condition by the Will and Testament that’s been left you. That’s how you appropriate it (Mark 11:22-24).

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2 Comments to “Special ‘Delivery’”

  1. I just read another story about a little eagle who was raised as a chicken. He didn’t know his true identity or inheritance. Thanks so much for this insightful message.

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