Be Rest Assured

by Lester Young

Today, I’d like to share with you some beautiful and insightful words from my friend Joseyphina Amoako, a very anointed writer. I know they’ll bless you as they’ve blessed me…

Joseyphina's World

What have I promised you that I haven’t fulfilled?
How many times have I pulled you out of troubled storms and placed you safely on calm shores?
Count your blessings and don’t forget how far I’ve brought you.

Things may tarry but I am never late;
Wait a little while longer and you will see.
For if I am for you, who dare be against you?
And if I’m with you, who and what can stop you?

I, who hold the universe in my hand, am the one looking out for you.
I have not brought you this far to leave you stranded;
Those who know me, know me by My name: I AM
I AM all that you need in this life.
If you have Me, you have Life.

I’ll be at your greatest point of need;
I’ll be your Light on dark paths;
I’ll be your Rest in…

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