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January 27, 2014

An Extension of God

by Lester Young

Let’s rattle a few ‘religious’ cages today.

Remember when Jesus said, “I and My Father are one”; to which the Jewish leaders who typically followed Him around responded by getting bent out of shape and picking up rocks to throw at Him? It’s recorded in John 10:30-31. (Sidebar: Maybe it’s just me, but… why would you continually follow somebody around who irritated and without fail made you look decidedly silly whenever you opened your mouth? ……… just sayin’.) Why’d they get mad?? Of course, we can now look back on that episode (and others like it) and explain their ‘misunderstanding’ away with, “Well, they didn’t know Who Jesus was.” Actually, many of them did know (John 3:2); but humor me here for a few moments.

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January 21, 2014

Thank God in Advance!

by Lester Young

Did you know that ‘faith’ and ‘thanksgiving’ go hand in hand? Consider the two for a moment, what they are. What are they?? Well, faith is believing: to “have faith” simply means to believe [in] someone or something… it’s really no more complicated than that. And thanksgiving – do I really need to say it? Thanksgiving is just the ‘giving’ of thanks. (Okay, if you couldn’t put your finger on that one before you read the answer, it might be time to grab that first cup of morning coffee.)

Once we’ve considered, the question might arise, “What does one have to do with the other?” Well, think about somebody you trust – perhaps your mom or dad, a grandparent or even a best friend. Let’s say this person informs you that (s)he’s going to do something special for you – like give you a realllly nice gift. Now, if you truly trust this person, then their word is pretty much as solid as a rock with you, isn’t it? In fact, when they told you what they were going to do, in your mind you began seeing yourself with that gift in your hot little hands. As far as you were concerned, you already had possession of and title deed to it… even though in the natural things were still just in the ‘it’s on the way’ phase.

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