Thank God in Advance!

by Lester Young

Did you know that ‘faith’ and ‘thanksgiving’ go hand in hand? Consider the two for a moment, what they are. What are they?? Well, faith is believing: to “have faith” simply means to believe [in] someone or something… it’s really no more complicated than that. And thanksgiving – do I really need to say it? Thanksgiving is just the ‘giving’ of thanks. (Okay, if you couldn’t put your finger on that one before you read the answer, it might be time to grab that first cup of morning coffee.)

Once we’ve considered, the question might arise, “What does one have to do with the other?” Well, think about somebody you trust – perhaps your mom or dad, a grandparent or even a best friend. Let’s say this person informs you that (s)he’s going to do something special for you – like give you a realllly nice gift. Now, if you truly trust this person, then their word is pretty much as solid as a rock with you, isn’t it? In fact, when they told you what they were going to do, in your mind you began seeing yourself with that gift in your hot little hands. As far as you were concerned, you already had possession of and title deed to it… even though in the natural things were still just in the ‘it’s on the way’ phase.

Now, as soon as you were told what was going to happen, what was your immediate response to the news? Well, assuming your trust in this person was implicit – and you had any manners at all – you probably jumped up and started thanking your benefactor profusely, right? But why would you do that? After all, all they did was tell you they were going to give you something. It’s not like they actually gave it to you yet, so why would you bother to start thanking them now??

And here’s what faith and thanksgiving have to do with each other: because you believe and trust in this person, you know that when they say something they mean it – they’re not going to lie to you, jerk you around or go back on their word. That’s not who they are, and it’s not what they’d do to you. So as soon as they said it, it was as good as gold in your bank; and in your mind – in your own estimation of their integrity – there was no difference at all between them saying you’ll have it and your actually having it! Their word is their reputation; their word is their bond. So why not thank them now??

You can probably guess what I’m going to say next. Not only is God’s Word His reputation and His bond, it’s actually Him, as well (John 1:1). And if we’re ever going to put that much faith and esteem in the word of any human being, we should at least be able to put that much more in the Word of God (Romans 3:4). It’s not just His Word, it’s His Word to us; that is, His promise to us, sworn in the precious shed blood of Jesus Christ. The whole Bible is God’s sworn oath to you and me, and He can’t lie (Numbers 23:19; John 17:17). So why not thank Him now, too??

You’ve probably heard the scripture, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:20). Verses 21-26 of that same chapter clarify those ‘works’ spoken of as actions corresponding to one’s faith. Thanking God in advance of your actually getting something you’ve been believing Him for is not only an appropriate and ‘mannerly’ response (Psalm 33:1) toward His Word – His promises – to you, it’s also a corresponding act of faith toward Him. And we haven’t even begun to mention the fact that praising and thanking God actually brings His Presence on the scene to utterly beat down our enemies (2 Chronicles 20:17-22; Psalm 9:2-3, 22:3, 149:6-9). What A Bargain!

I realize there may be some folks out there – lots of folks, probably – who might be thinking, “I haven’t gotten anything from God; where are all the blessings He’s promised me?”

Well… where are your manners?

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4 Comments to “Thank God in Advance!”

  1. You are an excellent teacher

  2. So glad to see you back on WP, Lester!

    This is a great post to remind us to be thankful, and because God’s Word tells us to be thankful. It is indeed an expression of faith in the Person of our loving Heavenly Father. Faith implies believing in His Word, because God has put His Word above His Name. Blessings, Dee

    • Hello, Dee..thanks for the open arms 🙂 If we truly believe what God has said, then there’s really only one thing to do in response to such Goodness, and that’s just to give Him thanks and praise. Hope you’re well…


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