Graduation Day

by Lester Young

What’s on your mind?

You’re facing a problem – a serious one. Perhaps it’s one that’s been there for awhile, stubbornly refusing to go away or work itself out; and the only real change you can see is that it just seems to be getting bigger. There it is every day, taunting you – flying in the face of your best efforts to believe God’s promises about your victory over it. To be quite honest, at this point you’re not too sure what to do about it. As a matter of fact, there really isn’t anything else you can do about it. In cases like this, what do think about? Are you finding the problem so big you just can’t seem to take your eyes and thought-process away from it?

What’s on your mind?

You’ve just received terrible news that a loved one or close friend is sick – very sick. Or you may have just come from the doctor yourself, and the prognosis isn’t good. Fears of the worst lurk at every turn, haunting you. Pain, sorrow, grief, depression – they’re all there, lined up and waiting to take their shots at you in turn. They mock you: What’re you going to do? There’s nothing you can do, is there? Think you’re gonna pray? So what?! What difference will that make?! Don’t you understand you’ve got to do something!! But what?? There’s just no coming back from this – there’s no cure. Are you finding your circumstances so impossible you can’t seem to get a reprieve from them, even for a minute?

What’s on your mind?

Your finances are so out-of-control that it’d be funny if it weren’t so tragic… or if it was happening to somebody else. You sardonically muse to yourself, “Finances?! Right! I don’t have enough finances for them to be called ‘Finances’!” Day after day, week after week – there they sit, those same old unpaid bills. And… oh, goodie!! Look, two new ones!! Now they’re breeding – how nice! Every time you pass through the room you notice them – you watch them – flaunting themselves shamefully in front of you. How cruel and merciless they are. You know full well the Lord said that He’d supply all you needs according to His riches in glory by the Anointed Jesus (Philippians 4:19); but, for some reason, His timetable and yours don’t seem to be quite… synchronized. Are you finding the pressure of the situation so overwhelming that you just can’t get away from it no matter what you do?

Tell me, what’s on your mind?

If you wake up every morning and the first question that inevitably pops into your head even before your eyes are fully adjusted is, “What am I gonna do about my problems today?” take it as a clue that you’ve got the wrong thing on your mind. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you’ve got “you” on your mind. Face it: if you could’ve figured it out by now, you would’ve figured it out by now. That’s exactly what the Lord Jesus meant when He said, “Which of you by worrying can add anything at all to himself?” (Luke 12:25-26 paraphrased)

So get “you” off of your mind. Do what Matthew 6:33 and Luke 12:31 say and “rather seek ye the Kingdom of God…” How can you do that practically and simply? Well, the entire Kingdom of God (which is not a ‘place,’ but a System of governance and conduct) can be briefly encompassed by these two very famous Scriptures which say the exact same thing: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18; Galatians 5:14; James 2:8); and, “All things whatsoever you would that men should do to you, do you also to them: for this [fulfills all] the Law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12; Romans 13:10). In other words, get your eyes off yourself and your problems and put them on others. Make up your mind that regardless of everything else you’re going to look for ways to bless those around you – whether they’re family, friends or strangers.

Usually, it doesn’t really take all that much. It often doesn’t take more than a smile or a kind word. Whatever you have to give (other than a piece of your mind; you keep that), give it – because someone will always need it (other than a piece of your mind; you keep that!).

That’s seeking and putting first place in your heart the propagation of God’s Kingdom on this earth, because God is Love – and we’re children of Love (Matthew 6:33; Luke 6:35; 1 John 4:16-17). As an act of your own will, keep putting your mind on blessing others. Like anything else, it’ll get easier and easier with practice… until one morning the first thought that pops into your head even before your eyes are fully adjusted will be, “What can I do for somebody else today?” And when that happens, you’ll have already graduated to a higher level and standard of life.

But don’t forget there’s a fringe benefit that comes with it, too: Jesus concluded His statement by promising, “…and all these things [that My Father is fully aware you need to live successfully down here] will be added to you” (Matthew 6:32-33; Luke 6:31). So why bother thinking about yourself and your own well-being? You don’t need to, because your heavenly Father’s doing it (Psalm 55:22; Matthew 6:25, 31; Philippians 4:6; 1 Peter 5:7). In other words, He’s got this!

So, what’s on your mind?


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2 Comments to “Graduation Day”

  1. Thank-you!! I appreciate your teachings, I really do.

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