A Very Interesting Dream…

by Lester Young

Generally, I’m a rather private person. I don’t retell or speak very much at all about my dreams. But the one I had a couple of weeks ago was markedly different, and it seemed like it would be good for me to share it with you. Now before we start, I should mention that the night before the dream I was sitting around thinking, and I’d made a firm decision to “not fear” – that is, to not shy away from or attempt to deflect – a particular confrontation I thought might be coming my way (by nature I’m very non-confrontational, regardless of what some of you who know me well might think. But I digress…). So I went to sleep with that “I will not fear!” decision floating around in my brain. (And as a sidebar, let me also say that the Scripture references you find in the narrative did not come as actual parts of the dream. I added them later as I was putting this whole thing together and writing it down because they seem to lend Biblical support to the ideas that were going on at the time. Okay, I think we’re ready now…)

As dreams often do, the first half of it – which seemingly had absolutely nothing to do with anything I’m about to tell you (and has subsequently been forgotten anyway) – instantaneously morphed into the second part, where I and two other people were attempting to escape a multilevel parking garage by crawling slowly on our hands and knees. Long story short: we didn’t make it. The gang that controlled the garage caught sight of us and stopped us before we could reach the ground level, and its leader began to question one of the guys with me. This went on for a brief period of time in a language I didn’t understand. Eventually, however, the leader seemed satisfied with the answers he’d received and appeared he might be ready to let us go. But then he looked squarely at me and decided I wasn’t going anywhere. My two friends were helpless to do anything about it, and I fully understood that. They remorsefully continued on to freedom, while I remained with my captors.

The next thing I know, I’m sitting on a step, still in the parking garage; and while I never see my hands or pay any particular attention to them, I perceive that they’re tied or restrained in some way. The gang’s leader is pacing back and forth, threatening me with all sorts of harm in a very, very blustery tone. I have to admit, one of the first thoughts I have while in this predicament is about how great a testimony this whole thing will be – and the picture of me giving it from a hospital bed all bandaged up and in traction. (Really, this was the dream thought I was having as I sat there watching this guy go on and on. And while I was generally okay with it – because giving a testimony glorifying God for delivering me and preserving my life is a truly wonderful thing – I think you can probably understand that somewhere, deep down inside, I can’t say I was actually looking forward to the beatin’ that was coming.)

The gang leader continues with his very demonstrative yelling and threatening. The gang members (a little more than a half-dozen or so, I can’t really be sure) are stationed panoramically some distance behind him: one here, another there, another over there, ranging about five- to ten yards from where I’m seated. It’s hard to tell, but it almost seems as though the leader is talking as much for their benefit as he is trying to intimidate me.

Suddenly, he stops his verbal onslaught and walks straight over to me. You know what it’s like when someone ‘invades your space’? Yeah, like that: this guy didn’t stop until he was well inside that unspoken boundary, and then he leaned down until his forehead was no more than a couple of inches from mine. From there he silently glowers at me, eye-to-eye, using the best ‘stern and threatening’ glare he can muster. Meanwhile, deep down inside, the thought inside me keeps repeating, “Don’t fear!” (Psalm 23:4; Isaiah 41:13) So I just stare right back at him, without saying anything. This close-quarters position continues for several moments, maybe as long as ten seconds or more – and then he abruptly backs away. He repeats this tirade -immediately-followed-by-personal-space-invasion scene three or four more times in succession with no changes.

Well, almost no changes. After the third or fourth time he’d retreated back to a responsible distance between us and just before the next rant cycle was to begin, it seemed as though he lost a grip on his composure – if only for a few moments. Stooping somewhat as he paced, he grabbed his head with both hands and started to mutter, “Every time I get close to him… it’s like, the area where he is… the air around him… is… ‘good’. I shouldn’t be doing this to him… this isn’t right” (Psalm 143:10; Isaiah 41:10; Romans 15:14). After a few seconds, he pulled himself back together and continued on with another round of threats. This ‘mini-meltdown’ occurred at the beginning of his final two tirade sequences.

And then he stops completely. No more loud invectives against me. No more forehead-to-forehead stare-downs. Though I’m not sure if he’s talking specifically to himself or to his crew, I hear him say this: “I knew I needed to get control of his mouth, but he never said anything!” In the dream I instantly knew within myself that he’d been trying to get me to speak in fear or provoke me into an angry, threatening exchange with him. But because I didn’t respond, he couldn’t do anything (Romans 6:11-14; James 4:7). And it dawned on me: “…He couldn’t do anything!!!” That’s why he kept backing off from me: because he had no other choice. He can’t do anything to me. Nothing! At all! The only thing he can actually do is threaten and try to intimidate me. But if I don’t give him control of my mouth, he literally cannot touch me! (Psalm 118:6; John 10:18, 15:10; Hebrews 13:6; James 3:2-12)

Well, that’s when things really got strange. The leader completely lost all control and began to scream in panic – and he was panicking because of me. (I hadn’t yet moved or spoken a word to this point. I was still sitting there in the same spot with my hands tied just watching him, admittedly intrigued by the whole thing but by this time completely devoid of fear.) Again, I couldn’t tell if he was actually talking to his boys or no one in particular, but he began screaming in abject horror for me to get away from him, and that it had been my plan all along to destroy him and “burn him in his own car.” I continued to just look at him, wondering what the heck he was talking about – and he continued to grow more and more beside himself, yelling those same words.

I didn’t even know the guy had a car. All of a sudden, one of the gang members walked over to a car – presumably the leader’s – and proceeded to set in on fire. He then pushed the burning vehicle through the garage wall and it plummeted to the ground below, exploding on impact. The gang member then turned to his out-of-control leader and innocently asked, “You mean like this?” (Hey, it’s a dream; what can I tell you?) So what he feared – which became what he said – came to pass (Mark 11:23). I never even lifted a finger or uttered a word… though I have to admit I was just the slightest bit amused by this turn of events.

At that moment sirens were heard approaching from a distance, and the entire gang ran away (Isaiah 41:11-12; James 4:7). Suddenly, I was loose and on my way to pick up my Bible that was lying on an upper landing in the garage stairwell. Then I woke up.

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt around my subconscious. I think I’ve already gotten most of what I need out of it, but you’re free to psychoanalyze and interpret this very interesting dream to your heart’s content.

Well… I thought it was interesting, anyway.


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4 Comments to “A Very Interesting Dream…”

  1. Some day, when we are at our Father’s table you and I will talk about this and what a blessing it was to me, how important it was for me to hear about your dream. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t be speaking about this dream to me – but to anyone who reads it.

    • Sandra, I’ll search you out to talk about it with you 🙂 After I woke up and thought about it the next day, the dream really blessed me… and I’m glad it did the same for you. Thanks so much, again..

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