If He’s Going With You…

by Lester Young

So here’s the setting: Jairus, the man in charge of the synagogue, had a twelve-year-old daughter who was very sick – so sick, in fact, that she was on the verge of dying at any moment. Being a local leader, he was well aware of Jesus and His reputation as a miracle-worker (John 3:2). When he heard that Jesus was in the area, he quickly went out to Him, fell at His feet and earnestly requested that He come home with him and lay hands on his ailing child to heal her. Mark 5:24 gives us the Lord’s response: “And [He] went with him.”

Now we all know what happened next: A woman with an issue of blood had the unmitigated gall to show up and receive her healing, thereby stopping the entire procession in its tracks at the absolute most inopportune time – as far as Jairus was concerned, anyway; because his daughter died before they could get to her (Mark 5:25-35).

But while those developments are certainly central – and crucial – to the narrative, I think we should spend a little more time actually considering the Lord’s response that immediately preceded them: “And [Jesus] went with him.” Jairus began the interaction by pleading with the Lord to lay hands on his daughter so she would get well. However, in order to do that, Jairus needed Jesus to go with him to his house. (Now I stress that Jairus “needed” the Lord to be physically present with his daughter in order to heal her because that’s the level of faith he was operating from. Recall the Roman centurion who came to Jesus to ask Him to heal his young servant: The Lord highly praised that man’s faith because he didn’t require – or even feel worthy of – Jesus’ presence anywhere near his house. He asked the Lord to just “speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed” [Matthew 8:8]. And Jesus’ reply to him was, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so be it done unto you” [Matthew 8:13]. That being said, individual faith levels aren’t the real issue here, because God is willing to meet each of us wherever our own faith level is, as long as we’re willing to put that we’ve got to use [Mark 9:23-24; Luke 17:5-10].)

Again, Jairus begged Jesus to come home with him and heal his little girl. From the Scripture, we must assume that Jesus’ response to the request – the entire request – was an ‘affirmative’ one because He started going with him. If not, then what was the Lord going there for? What did He plan on doing when they got there? Stand around and watch the little girl die? Of course not! He planned to heal her according to what Jairus asked – according to his faith. That’s what He was going there to do. He wasn’t going there to fail. Jesus was going with the man because He’s the High Priest of our confession: He was on the way so He could fulfill the faith that Jairus actively showed by coming to Him (James 2:17-26). The fact that circumstances delayed their arrival made absolutely no difference whatsoever in Jesus’ mind.

Here’s the point in all this: If you have a need or request and take it to God in faith, asking according to His will in Jesus’ Name, His answer to you is already “Yes!” (Psalm 23:1; 2 Corinthians 1:20; Philippians 4:19; 1 John 3:21-22, 5:14-15) In other words, He’s already on the way home with you as soon as you ask Him… and He’s not going with you to disappoint you when you get there (Mark 11:24; Romans 8:32). If He started out with you in the first place, you might as well just commence rejoicing immediately, because it means you’ve been granted your request! (Romans 4:19-21; Philippians 1:6, 4:6-7; Hebrews 10:23, 35) He’s said “Yes” and He’s in the process of bringing it to pass for you. Don’t let the fact that it seems to be slow in coming or delayed make any difference whatsoever in your mind. Even if a natural “dead-line” passes – like it did with Jairus’ daughter – don’t let that derail your faith. As the Lord Jesus said to him, “Don’t fear!! Just keep on believing!!” (Mark 5:35-36) After all, He’s an expert at dead-raising.

If the Lord’s already going along with you and your faith somewhere – however long it takes to get there and whatever happens along the way – just smile, rest assured and keep on going, because as far as He’s concerned it’s already done! (Romans 4:16-17)

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