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Leka43 is Lester Young, a writer and graphic artist living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A born-again Christian, he’s a firm believer that we should always look for and embrace the blessings of life, because “the sun’s always up somewhere, even when it’s raining.” He is the founder of TheCornerOffices, the parent company of Voice of Thanksgiving Publications.

jtGn is all about good news — just the GOOD news! There’s an enormity of bad news around and it’s easy to get to — just open your eyes and look to your right hand or to your left. Or straight ahead. Or behind. But we’re gonna help you change your focus — put a twinkle in your eye and (hopefully) a smile on your face every day…because it’s all Good!

You can contact me directly using the form below — I’ll answer as quickly as I can. Thanks for your interest!

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