Christian comedian Jeff Allen, on burglars… and wives:

Christian comedian Mark Lowry, discussing Mary and Jesus, and the ‘early years’:

Christian comedian Brad Stine, on holidays:

Christian comedian Darryl “D’Lo” Hutchins, on the “Mother Board:”

Christian comedian Broderick E. Rice, on precious memories:

Christian comedian Anthony Griffith, on marital apologies:

Christian comedian Brad Stine, on cursin’:

Christian comedian Broderick E. Rice, on backslidden weaves:

Christian comedian Michael Jr., on Jesus’ little brother:

Christian comedian Jeff Allen, on his teenager Snoop Droopy Drawers:

Sinbad speaks at Church on the Rock:

Christian Comedian Cizzle C., on church ushers:

Christian Comedian Michael Jr., on jogging:

Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins, on parenting:

Christian Comedian Anthony Griffith, on bill collectors:

Christian Comedian Brad Stine, on automobiles:

Christian comedian Broderick E. Rice, impersonating famous preachers:

Christian Comedian Anthony Griffith, on babies and teenagers:

Christian Comedian Michael Jr., on problems Abraham’s servants had:

Christian Comedian John Gray, on funny stuff happening at church:

Christian Comedian Jeff Allen, on underwear:

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